1250mg CBD Concentrate E-Liquid – 30ml Vape Oil – Additive (Flavorless)

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CBD E-Liquid Concentrate – 1250mg CBD | 30ml Vape OilPerfect for the DIY vape enthusiast. Our CBD E-Liquid Vape Oil concentrate has been formulated to be mixed with any E-Liquid. Simply add the desired amount of CBD Vape Concentrate to your favorite E Liquid and shake well. With 1250mg of Pure CBD™ our CBD Vape Concentrate offers a premium CBD additive for those seeking more control over the amount of CBD in their E-Liquids. Each 30ml bottle contains 1250mg of Pure CBD™ with a concentration of 42mg/1ml.Specifications:Bottle size:30mlPG/VG ratio:Max VGIngredients:1250mg Pure CBDVegetable Glycerin,30ml,Max VG,1250mg Pure CBDVegetable Glycerin